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#5-US Missile Hits Spy Satellite

February 22, 2008

The effectiveness of the United States’ defense system was demonstrated on this wednesday, February the 20th when a US launched missile destroyed one of its own spy satellites. The satellite was filled with toxic fuel, making it a threat if it was ever to crash on Earth. Going 7,000 miles per hour, and being out of orbit, it was imminent that this threat be destroyed. As harmless as the operation itself seemed, the Chinese hypothesized that the US were maybe trying to test an anti-satellite weapon. This created great tension among the militarization of space. However, about a month ago the Chinese had done the same thing. They had shot down one of their own satellites and the US hypothesized it as an anti-satellite weapon as well. Apart from all the confusion, the satellite was successful blown up into football size pieces, 250 kilometers above the Pacific Ocean, finally killing away any possible threat it brought upon us.     captcpsmoe19220208023050photo00photodefault-365x512.jpg   


#4-Champions League 1st Knockout Round (2)

February 21, 2008

The second day of the 1st knockout round of Europe’s most prestigious club competition was played yesterday. 4 games were played with a total of 12 goals scored. Six time in a row French champions Lyon faced current English champions and England’s most successful club ever, Manchester United. Karim Benzema, Lyon’s 20 year old rising star, scored 55 minutes in with a wonderful left footed shot of the post. However, 3 minutes from time, Argentina’s Carlos Tevez volleyed the ball in the back of the net to end the game in a 1-1 tie. In 2 other games, Turkey’s Fenerbache beat off Spain’s Sevilla 3-2 with an 87th minute goal, while another 3-2 game occured as Barcelona won away to Celtic Glasgow. In the last match, England’s Arsenal faced AC Milan of Italy. The youngsters from London played a tough game against the experienced Italians. They even hit the crossbar in the 94th minute. However, neither team could score and this left many viewers anxious for the second leg.   


#3-Champions League 1st Knockout Round (1)

February 20, 2008

The 1st knockout round of the Champions is currently being played. Yesterday, 4 matches took place. Since all teams can be considered “good” teams, only 6 goals were scored. Also, these are two game fixtures, so at this moment it is unknown which team will go through to the quarter finals. Schalke 04 of Germnay faced Portugal’s strongest and most successful club, FC Porto. Kevin Kuranyi of Germay scored the winner in the 4th minute for the 1-0 win by Schalke. Greek champions Olympiakos held English side Chelsea to a scoreless draw. AS Roma of Italy nudged a one goal advantage for the next leg in a 2-1 win versus Spanish giants, and the most successful club in the history of the Champions League, Real Madrid. The last match was the most awaited of all on this day. English giants and last years finalist, Liverpool, faced Italian giants and champions Inter Milan. Materazzi of Inter received a red card on the half hour mark. This gave Liverpool a big advantage which proved decisive in the end. In the 85th minute, Holland’s Dirk Kuyt scored what seemed to be the winner. However, 5 minutes later, English star and team captain Steven Gerrard added a second to send the reds into the second leg with a two goal advantage. The second leg is highly anticipated by fans throughout the world.   


#2-New Audi R8

February 19, 2008

Audi has unveiled and as a matter of fact began selling it’s new mid-engine sports car, the Audi R8. This is Audi’s first model for a mid-engine sports car. The car has an extremely powerful 420 horsepower V8 engine, all wheel drive, and is priced between $80,000 to $110,000. The light used in the engine bay makes the impressive V8, located at the back of the car, very visible at night. I decided to write about this unknown car for yesterday, for there was one parked in front of Pendleton. In black, this piece of machinery displayed charm, allure, and glamour, all in one. Less expensive than a Ferrari F430 or a Lamborghini Murcielago, this new sports car is definitely my new dream car. With a beautiful interior, who can resist the new Audi R8.   


#1-Moving Dorms

February 18, 2008

Yesterday, in a meeting we had with out dorm “mentors”, it was announced to us that we were to move dorms next thursday. Our new homes our located in Champions walk; or something close to that name anyways. This news brings much disappointment to myself, as to others. Now, as a result, as students, we won’t be able to walk to school. We’ll have to take a shuttle and that means waking up earlier every morning. Also, we won’t have the privilege to bring lunch and dinner into our rooms. Before, if we were  hungry we would walk to the cafeteria, grab some food, and then walk back to our apartments and eat in front of the TV. Now, we’re gonna starve to death. Going to practice is also going to be more of a problem as we’ll be obliged to take the shuttle and once again leave our rooms earlier. The last regret obtained from our moving of housing is the fact that we won’t necessarily have the same roommates. My roommates always have food and game systems and therefore without them, I will be immensely bored.  img_logo.jpg 


February 6, 2008

Syriana was an extremely complicated movie as it showed slices of life from different main characters. However, this gave the viewers a look at how these characters, especially three, so different in many aspects and spread across the world, could still be interconneted. The first, Bob Barnes, is a CIA agent who sells two missiles to terrorists just so he can find out the source and kill them. His plan ends up backfiring when one of the two missiles leave to an unknown buyer. Bryan Woodman is an energy analyst for an oil company. He later ends up being the economic advisor for Prince Nasir of the Emirates. The third character is a young unemployed man from Pakistan named Saleem Amhed Kahn. He joins an Islamic school but is convinced to suicide bomb a petroleum ship. In the end, Robert Barnes stops Prince Nasir and Bryan Woodman on a road in the middle of the desert. The CIA sends a missile which blows up Barnes and Prince Nasir. Woodman survived the attack for he had switched cars along the way to let the royal family sit together. For Saleem’s part, he blows up an oil freighter using the missing missile from the one and only Robert Barnes.  syriana_ver2.jpg 

English Premier League

February 5, 2008

There is a huge constant debate on what the best professional first division soccer league in the world is. In my opinion, it has to be Barclay’s English Premier League. To start out, they have four top flight teams which are always battling for the season title and the Champions League as well. These teams are Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool. In addition to the following, the English league contains many European Cup class teams such as Bolton, Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United, Tottenham, West Ham United, Everton, and Manchester City. Another thing about the English Premiership is that it is very multicultural. A few star players such as Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard are English. However, most of the Premiership’s talent is foreign, in the likes of Spain’s Cesc Fabregas, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, and Ukraine’s Andrei Shevchenko.  epl_600.jpg 


February 4, 2008

DO NOT read this if you have NOT seen this film. Cloverfield was the greatest movie that I have ever seen, and I’ve seen alot of movies. Many people disliked it because the entire story is seen from a hand held camera used by one of the main characters which gives numerous viewers dizziness. Therefore, like the characters themselves, you never know what’s happening, where the monster comes from, what the monster is, or even how the story ends. However, multiple pieces of the tape give you clues which can help you come up with a few theories. When the last surviving characters, Rob and Beth, were in the helicopter and it was crashing, the radio in the copter signaled that the military was commencing operation “hammerdown” in 15 mintues. This means that they were gonna bomb and destroy New York and that’s exactly what happened when we saw Rob and Beth under the bridge and it collapsed, most likely killing them. Also, in the beginning of the movie a random TV states that a satellite is crashing on Earth. In the last scene of the movie we see a month old flashback of Rob and Beth on Coney Island and as Rob films the ocean on the far right of the screen, although it’s not that visible, a large object falls from the sky to the ocean. Too little to be the actual monster, 2 theories have come up from this image. Either the monster was small and attached to the satellite and grew over the space of a month or the satellite crashed in the water and with its sonar waves awoke the monster from a deep oceanic trench. 1183406558_201821502f.jpg