#4-Picture 4

I personally think this picture is awesome. The “win win win” sign exemplifies how much you won on paying gas back then. The price was so cheap!! Judging by the red car this must of been around the 1980’s. Gas prices are now around $3.15, which is more than 3 times as much as it was back then. In the back round of the picture we can see a policeman and his car, probably just there randomly, helping traffic. Also, we can tell by the surroundings that this either in a small town or next to the highway. This can affect the price of the gas. Exxon is the company that is providing the oil and that makes this picture seem a whole lot different. They are known for being cruel and harsh to the environment. In this situation, the police car might be there to stop angry protesters against Exxon, which at that time, had a huge oil spill which dropped 11 million gallons into the ocean.




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2 Responses to “#4-Picture 4”

  1. charliekennedy Says:

    alex, one of the best posts yet for this photo…. excellent

  2. charliekennedy Says:

    alex, no post 5. 40/50 for the week.

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