#3-Picture 3

This is a striking picture for not only Americans, but for people all around the world. November 22, 1963. This is a date that will be remembered in the eyes and hearts of many as a day that a true peace keeper, and one of the only good presidents we have ever had, (yes, George W. Bush isn’t one of them), passed away. President Kennedy wanted to completely annihilate the CIA. He believed that it did more bad than good, that it had too much power, and that it should therefore be shut down. He was also on the verge of taking out all the troops from the Vietnam War. This would of saved millions of American soldiers. He was however shot, straight in the head, as we can see in the snapshot of the event. First, he was shot in the neck raising his arms high. Then in the back, and finally in the front of the head. In the picture, we can see the final shot has taken place and his wife is panicking, along with the people watching that are ducking and hiding. 



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