#5-Picture 5

This picture obviously has nothing to do with history. The school year is over! It is finally finished and I am counting down the days until i go home to Miami, to reunite with my family and friends. IMG has taught me so many things, even though I personally dislike it. I’m coming back next year which means I have to enjoy my summer to the maximum, for I shall suffer here next year. As for your class Mr.Kennedy, it has been interesting and rewarding in more ways than academics. History is something exiting that we however can’t always trust. History is always written by the winners and is therefore altered at times. So the year is finished, and I have to say that I am extremely proud of myself for not starving to death because of cafeteria food…see you next year. 




One Response to “#5-Picture 5”

  1. charliekennedy Says:

    “…for I shall suffer here…” I’m glad that our class was a respite from the suffering : )

    45/50 for your 5 photo posts.

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