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#2-New Audi R8

February 19, 2008

Audi has unveiled and as a matter of fact began selling it’s new mid-engine sports car, the Audi R8. This is Audi’s first model for a mid-engine sports car. The car has an extremely powerful 420 horsepower V8 engine, all wheel drive, and is priced between $80,000 to $110,000. The light used in the engine bay makes the impressive V8, located at the back of the car, very visible at night. I decided to write about this unknown car for yesterday, for there was one parked in front of Pendleton. In black, this piece of machinery displayed charm, allure, and glamour, all in one. Less expensive than a Ferrari F430 or a Lamborghini Murcielago, this new sports car is definitely my new dream car. With a beautiful interior, who can resist the new Audi R8.   



Dream Car

January 27, 2008

If I was rich, I would get a new car. However, with so many various choices, which car would I purchase? My first thought would have to be a Mercedes or BMW. However, BMW’s are highly over rated, in my opinion, while a lot of people now drive Mercedes, taking their luxury away. So how about a Bentley or Rolls-Royce? How about no. Only old people drive those and for the price, I could buy a new house. Ferraris and Lamborghinis are nice, but they’re also too expensive. The ideal piece of machinery would be a Porsche. German made, they’re strong and fast, two characteristics that everyone enjoys. They’re also good looking cars with stunning interiors. A Porsche is without a doubt my dream car.