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#4-My Class Presentation Project

April 17, 2008

For my presentation project, I’ll be teaching something to the class that is relatively unknown to the majority. 1918 was an important year as it was the end of the first World War. However, not many know that at that time exactly one fifth of the Earth’s population caught the flu. This was no ordinary flu as it turned out to be a not only the deadliest flu ever, but also one of the world’s worst historically recorded pandemics. Soldiers who had just finished fighting helped spread the disease as they boarded ships and paraded in the streets. Many other aspects of society were helpful to its spread but I shall discuss this in my “lecture”. This is how it’s going to happen: 1) I’ll give a nice, non-boring lecture on what it was, how it started, and what it affected. 2) I have a video prepared thats clearly shows the devastations. Don’t worry Mr.Kennedy, I’ll keep the class quiet and attentive. 3) Last but not least, the class will take a short and easy quiz that will nevertheless challenge their thoughts.