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#1-Moving Dorms

February 18, 2008

Yesterday, in a meeting we had with out dorm “mentors”, it was announced to us that we were to move dorms next thursday. Our new homes our located in Champions walk; or something close to that name anyways. This news brings much disappointment to myself, as to others. Now, as a result, as students, we won’t be able to walk to school. We’ll have to take a shuttle and that means waking up earlier every morning. Also, we won’t have the privilege to bring lunch and dinner into our rooms. Before, if we were  hungry we would walk to the cafeteria, grab some food, and then walk back to our apartments and eat in front of the TV. Now, we’re gonna starve to death. Going to practice is also going to be more of a problem as we’ll be obliged to take the shuttle and once again leave our rooms earlier. The last regret obtained from our moving of housing is the fact that we won’t necessarily have the same roommates. My roommates always have food and game systems and therefore without them, I will be immensely bored.  img_logo.jpg