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February 6, 2008

Syriana was an extremely complicated movie as it showed slices of life from different main characters. However, this gave the viewers a look at how these characters, especially three, so different in many aspects and spread across the world, could still be interconneted. The first, Bob Barnes, is a CIA agent who sells two missiles to terrorists just so he can find out the source and kill them. His plan ends up backfiring when one of the two missiles leave to an unknown buyer. Bryan Woodman is an energy analyst for an oil company. He later ends up being the economic advisor for Prince Nasir of the Emirates. The third character is a young unemployed man from Pakistan named Saleem Amhed Kahn. He joins an Islamic school but is convinced to suicide bomb a petroleum ship. In the end, Robert Barnes stops Prince Nasir and Bryan Woodman on a road in the middle of the desert. The CIA sends a missile which blows up Barnes and Prince Nasir. Woodman survived the attack for he had switched cars along the way to let the royal family sit together. For Saleem’s part, he blows up an oil freighter using the missing missile from the one and only Robert Barnes.  syriana_ver2.jpg 



February 4, 2008

DO NOT read this if you have NOT seen this film. Cloverfield was the greatest movie that I have ever seen, and I’ve seen alot of movies. Many people disliked it because the entire story is seen from a hand held camera used by one of the main characters which gives numerous viewers dizziness. Therefore, like the characters themselves, you never know what’s happening, where the monster comes from, what the monster is, or even how the story ends. However, multiple pieces of the tape give you clues which can help you come up with a few theories. When the last surviving characters, Rob and Beth, were in the helicopter and it was crashing, the radio in the copter signaled that the military was commencing operation “hammerdown” in 15 mintues. This means that they were gonna bomb and destroy New York and that’s exactly what happened when we saw Rob and Beth under the bridge and it collapsed, most likely killing them. Also, in the beginning of the movie a random TV states that a satellite is crashing on Earth. In the last scene of the movie we see a month old flashback of Rob and Beth on Coney Island and as Rob films the ocean on the far right of the screen, although it’s not that visible, a large object falls from the sky to the ocean. Too little to be the actual monster, 2 theories have come up from this image. Either the monster was small and attached to the satellite and grew over the space of a month or the satellite crashed in the water and with its sonar waves awoke the monster from a deep oceanic trench. 1183406558_201821502f.jpg