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#1-Picture 1

April 24, 2008

To be completely honest, i have no clue what this picture is about. However, I will give it a shot to come up with a greatly inspiring story. There’s a strong possibility that this is happening during either WWI or WWII. The two men are most likely Polish citizens who have just received an important telegram. The telegram states that the Germans are coming to invade and that they must prepare themselves at once. This would therefore make it WWII. The man sitting down is most likely Jewish, for he has the star of David stitched to his chest. The expression on his face is a hint that the telegram is bad news, or surprising news. There’s one thing that I don’t know about, and that’s the numbers on the guy’s jacket. He might be coming back from a concentration camp or maybe he escaped from jail and the telegram is a search warrant for him. So many possibilities…