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March 28, 2008

ABC’s show Lost is currently playing it’s 4th season on TV. Lost is about plane flight 815, led 1,000 miles off course, which crashes onto a deserted island. The island, however, is a mysterious, unreal, and deadly place. About 50 passengers survive, but many of them die due to injuries from the crash or to the island. A leader, Jack, arises. He leads the people to the center of the island where they find caves to live in and fresh water to drink. As time passes by, they realize they are not alone. They end up finding a hatch inside the ground. As they open it up they find a man who has lived there for 3 years. He pushes a button every 108 minutes that he claims saves the world. Many things happen throughout the season but the big question always comes to mind. Where are they? Season 4 promises to answer that question as 6 survivors get off the island and get back to civilization.