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#5-Rare Discovery

April 18, 2008

Over time the development of the human race has pushed away nature and one of the numerous consequences is the loss of animals. Thanks to building and pollution, entire species of animals have disappeared; gone extinct. The soft shell turtle is one of these, or at least it was. Decimated over time, scientists believed it to be non-existent in the wild. However, researchers from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo just recently found one in Northern Vietnam. “This discover represents hope for the species”, said zoo coordinator Doug Hendrie. The turtle is one of 4 existing turtles of this species. The other 3 are currently in captivity. A national legend tells of a giant golden turtle that bestowed upon the Vietnamese people a magic sword and victory over the Chinese invaders in the 16th century. They’re were rumors started by the people of the village that a mythical creature was living in the depths of the Vietnamese lake. This is no mythical creature, but it is indeed a legendary discover.



#5-Marchers to Honor Martin Luther King

April 4, 2008

Today, April 4th is the 40th anniversary of the death of Reverend Martin Luther King Junior’s. A march will take place in the center of Memphis. The reason for this is that Memphis is the place where he died, and he is therefore to be honored as a champion of peace in the city. Many everyday civilians will be present and make the event successful and memorable. However, they won’t be the only ones attending the march. This years presidential candidates, Obama, Clinton, and McCain will also attend along with many civil rights leaders and labor activists. The “famous” attendees will lay wreaths in front of the infamous place where Martin Luther King Junior was shot to death. The Lorraine Motel balcony, which is now a Museum, will be an unusual place for such an enormous event.    capt3183912f86e64ba08a169d2d10218c6bking_anniversary_exhibit_ny123.jpg 

#5-US Missile Hits Spy Satellite

February 22, 2008

The effectiveness of the United States’ defense system was demonstrated on this wednesday, February the 20th when a US launched missile destroyed one of its own spy satellites. The satellite was filled with toxic fuel, making it a threat if it was ever to crash on Earth. Going 7,000 miles per hour, and being out of orbit, it was imminent that this threat be destroyed. As harmless as the operation itself seemed, the Chinese hypothesized that the US were maybe trying to test an anti-satellite weapon. This created great tension among the militarization of space. However, about a month ago the Chinese had done the same thing. They had shot down one of their own satellites and the US hypothesized it as an anti-satellite weapon as well. Apart from all the confusion, the satellite was successful blown up into football size pieces, 250 kilometers above the Pacific Ocean, finally killing away any possible threat it brought upon us.     captcpsmoe19220208023050photo00photodefault-365x512.jpg