#1-Picture 1

April 24, 2008

To be completely honest, i have no clue what this picture is about. However, I will give it a shot to come up with a greatly inspiring story. There’s a strong possibility that this is happening during either WWI or WWII. The two men are most likely Polish citizens who have just received an important telegram. The telegram states that the Germans are coming to invade and that they must prepare themselves at once. This would therefore make it WWII. The man sitting down is most likely Jewish, for he has the star of David stitched to his chest. The expression on his face is a hint that the telegram is bad news, or surprising news. There’s one thing that I don’t know about, and that’s the numbers on the guy’s jacket. He might be coming back from a concentration camp or maybe he escaped from jail and the telegram is a search warrant for him. So many possibilities…





#5-Rare Discovery

April 18, 2008

Over time the development of the human race has pushed away nature and one of the numerous consequences is the loss of animals. Thanks to building and pollution, entire species of animals have disappeared; gone extinct. The soft shell turtle is one of these, or at least it was. Decimated over time, scientists believed it to be non-existent in the wild. However, researchers from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo just recently found one in Northern Vietnam. “This discover represents hope for the species”, said zoo coordinator Doug Hendrie. The turtle is one of 4 existing turtles of this species. The other 3 are currently in captivity. A national legend tells of a giant golden turtle that bestowed upon the Vietnamese people a magic sword and victory over the Chinese invaders in the 16th century. They’re were rumors started by the people of the village that a mythical creature was living in the depths of the Vietnamese lake. This is no mythical creature, but it is indeed a legendary discover.


#4-My Class Presentation Project

April 17, 2008

For my presentation project, I’ll be teaching something to the class that is relatively unknown to the majority. 1918 was an important year as it was the end of the first World War. However, not many know that at that time exactly one fifth of the Earth’s population caught the flu. This was no ordinary flu as it turned out to be a not only the deadliest flu ever, but also one of the world’s worst historically recorded pandemics. Soldiers who had just finished fighting helped spread the disease as they boarded ships and paraded in the streets. Many other aspects of society were helpful to its spread but I shall discuss this in my “lecture”. This is how it’s going to happen: 1) I’ll give a nice, non-boring lecture on what it was, how it started, and what it affected. 2) I have a video prepared thats clearly shows the devastations. Don’t worry Mr.Kennedy, I’ll keep the class quiet and attentive. 3) Last but not least, the class will take a short and easy quiz that will nevertheless challenge their thoughts.





#3-Who is the world’s best defender?

April 16, 2008

In soccer, a defender is a leader for his team. In order to be successful, he’s required to show courage, bravery, and smart wits. However, one question always arises amongst defenders. Who is the best? Many big names come to mind once this is asked. In Italy, Alessandro Nesta is most likely the popular candidate. In Spain, Sergio Ramos, Carlos Puyol, Eric Abidal, and Dani Alves are all superstars of the game. Real Madrid’s Fabio Cannavaro had won the world player of the year award in 2006, but in my opinion, he’s not even close to being at the top level. Lastly, in England, Jamie Carragher, William Gallas, and Rio Ferdinand are well known names. For me though, the best defender in the world lies not only in England, but in its heart, in London. At Chelsea, John Terry is the best defender on the planet. Full of courage, leadership, dedication, commitment, and the will to win, he displays all of the aspects and much more for what completes a great player. 


#2-UEFA Cup Quarter Finals

April 10, 2008

Out of the first four legs, 3 ended in ties. This made the second legs highly anticipated. Zenith Saint Petersburg won the first match 4-1, away from home to Bayer Leverkusen. Therefore, everyone already practically knew they were already qualified. Bayer Leverkusen gave a heroic effort in Russia but could only win 1-0, keeping it 4-2 on aggregate for Zenith. The next match saw 2 teams formerly in the UEFA Champions League, but knocked out in the group stages. Sporting Lisbon and Glasgow Rangers tied 1-1 in Scotland. However, being the favorite, Glasgow won the second game 2-0 to go through to the semis. The third match saw Italy’s Fiorentina pull off a memorable performance. Having tied 1-1 at home, they went and defeated powerhouse PSV Eindhoven 2-0, in Holland. Fiorentina’s French goalkeeper Sebastian Frey once again pulled heroics with a critical penalty save. The last match was one that will be remembered throughout the ages. The first leg between German giants Bayern Munich and rising Spanish powerhourse Getafe had finished all squared at 1-1. With a man down, Getafe took the lead. However, France’s playmaker Ribery tied for Bayern in the last minute. The game was in overtime and Getafe scored 2 goals in one minute to make it 3-1. Bayern though, would not give up. 5 minutes before the end they made it 3-2 and in the last minute 3-3. WIth 3 away goals, Bayern miraculously went through to the semis. 













#1-French National Team

April 7, 2008

May 18th will be a crucial day for French football. That specific day, France coach Raymond Domenech will finalize his choice for the 23 men roster that will go to the Euro 2008 tournament this summer in Austria and Switzerland. Every player dreams to be selected to play for their national side, for they get to represent their country in what is Europe’s finest competition. Like the World Cup, the Euro happens once every 4 years. However, most Europeans see this prestige tournament as a trophy harder to win than the World Cup itself. France, for example, will play in a dangerous group alongside Italy, the Netherlands, and Romania. No group in the World Cup has ever been close to being that challenging. Therefore, the 23 players chosen by Domenech will have to be the best 23 French players in professional football. Who will they be? We’ll just have to wait and find out.





#5-Marchers to Honor Martin Luther King

April 4, 2008

Today, April 4th is the 40th anniversary of the death of Reverend Martin Luther King Junior’s. A march will take place in the center of Memphis. The reason for this is that Memphis is the place where he died, and he is therefore to be honored as a champion of peace in the city. Many everyday civilians will be present and make the event successful and memorable. However, they won’t be the only ones attending the march. This years presidential candidates, Obama, Clinton, and McCain will also attend along with many civil rights leaders and labor activists. The “famous” attendees will lay wreaths in front of the infamous place where Martin Luther King Junior was shot to death. The Lorraine Motel balcony, which is now a Museum, will be an unusual place for such an enormous event.    capt3183912f86e64ba08a169d2d10218c6bking_anniversary_exhibit_ny123.jpg 

#4-Champions League Quarter Finals

April 2, 2008

The 1st legs of the UEFA Champions League quarter finals were played this tuesday and wednesday. On tuesday, Manchester went to Rome to face AS Roma in what was a rematch from last years competition. Having lost in Rome last year, Manchester dominated the game in every aspect and took a comfortable 2-0 lead for the 2nd leg. Germany’s Schalke 04 faced giants FC Barcelona. Being the heavy favorites, the Spaniards won the match 1-0 to give them a much needed away goal. On wednesday, Arsenal and Liverpool faced off in an 100% English fixture in London. The game was tight and therefore ended in a 1-1 tie which gave Liverpool the slight advantage thanks to their away goal. However, in the previous round, Arsenal had won away from home to clinch qualification. In the last match, Chelsea could not overcome Fenerbache in Turkey, as they went down 2-1.     


#3-French League Cup Final

March 29, 2008

Yesterday March the 29th, RC Lens and Paris Saint Germain faced off at the giant and legendary Stade de France in Paris for the French League Cup final. With both teams having a difficult year, this new trophy would definitely help the winner, who would also win an automatic qualification to the UEFA Cup next year. The first half was Paris SG’s as the opened the scoring in the 19th minute thanks to a smart lob by their emblematic Portuguese captain Pedro Miguel Pauleta. The second half, however, belonged to Lens who quickly equalized in the 52nd minute. Paris SG made some substitutions late in the half and this paid off as they dominated the last 10 minutes. As the game seemed destined for extra time, Paris SG were awarded a penalty in the 93rd minute. Bernard Mendy didn’t tremble as he comfortably scored to send a club, city, and nation of supporters into sheer heaven.                                                           300308_coupe_joie_paris_trophee.jpg 


March 28, 2008

ABC’s show Lost is currently playing it’s 4th season on TV. Lost is about plane flight 815, led 1,000 miles off course, which crashes onto a deserted island. The island, however, is a mysterious, unreal, and deadly place. About 50 passengers survive, but many of them die due to injuries from the crash or to the island. A leader, Jack, arises. He leads the people to the center of the island where they find caves to live in and fresh water to drink. As time passes by, they realize they are not alone. They end up finding a hatch inside the ground. As they open it up they find a man who has lived there for 3 years. He pushes a button every 108 minutes that he claims saves the world. Many things happen throughout the season but the big question always comes to mind. Where are they? Season 4 promises to answer that question as 6 survivors get off the island and get back to civilization.