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#4-Picture 4

May 16, 2008

The 1968 summer Olympics in Mexico City beat out hosting competition from famous cities as Lyon in France, Detroit in the U.S, and Buenos Aires in Argentina. It was, however, not remember for the right positive reasons. The games were preceded by the Tlatelolco Massacre, which was a massacre of more then a hundred students by security forces before the opening day. The 200 to 300 deaths caused political unrest for years to come in Mexico. As for the picture, the gold medalist is Tommie Smith. Tommie Smith was a wide receiver in football and won the gold medal for the 200 meter dash. Peter Norman is the record holder for the 200 meter dash in Australia. He won the silver medal in the 1968 Summer Olympics. The bronze medalist was also an American, and also a former football player.