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#5-Picture 5

May 3, 2008

This is an inspiring picture of our planet earth. Taken from space, we can see its beauty shining with massive amounts of colors such as blue, green, brown, and white. The ocean is a mysterious dark blue. However, close to the coast we can see a baby blue color illuminated by what is most likely the shallow waters. We can also see our fair state of Florida. I’ve lived in Florida, more precisely Miami, for 10 years and seeing it this way makes me, for some unknown reason, very proud. We can see how green it is, along with the east coast of the United States, compared to central and western Unites States. Brazil is also extremely green while the top part of Africa, which is the Sahara desert, shines a complete light brown color. The clouds are numerous, especially over the North and South poles. Last but not least, I can see my country of birth, the great France.