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#2-Picture 2

April 28, 2008

This is without a doubt a picture relating to discrimination and the civil rights movement. During that time, African Americans had to leave the seats in the front to the whites and sit in the back of the buses. In this picture, we can see the woman is not following that rule and standing up for herself. This civil rights activist is most likely Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks became famous as she refused to give up her seat when the driver asked her to do so. As a result, the Montgomery Bus Boycott began, and it later became one of the largest, most influential movements against racial segregation. Also, her refusal led Martin Luther King to start becoming the rising leader in the civil rights movement. In this specific picture, there is no one on the bus and she therefore has the right to sit in the front. She looks confident and self righteous, as if she is standing up for a cause already.